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Off-the-grid living, homeschooling mom with a predilection for <a href="">organic fabrics</a>, cooking from scratch, and natural living. I share my 40-acre paradise with one husband, two sons, one dog, 20-some chickens, and some ridiculous number of rabbits, rats, mice, and rattlesnakes.

From N, May 2005

(He was 6.5; Peter just found this quote written on an ooooold receipt and I figured I’d write it down so we might actually remember it.) “But mama, everybody knows how to swim because they swam in their mommies!”

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I don’t think that’s what they go to school to learn, no.

So I’m singing the TMBG song “I am a paleontologist” while making breakfast, and T comes over and says: “I am a meteorologist.” Me: “What’s a meteorologist study?” (We’d had a conversation a few days ago about how meteorologists don’t … Continue reading

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Contemplating dinner while camping at Grand Tetons

T: “I wouldn’t kill animals, because then there’d be nothing left to eat!”

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Good to know…

T, explaining the difference between our body types: “You’re softer because you have more layers of flesh and blood than I do.”

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N, schooling me.

10-y-o N: Did you ever consider *not* being sarcastic? It might be funny to you, but how do you think it feels to everybody else?

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At Mesa Verde…

(We went camping last week, the boys and I, leaving their Papa home to work…) Driving up the windy windy roads, 10-y-o N says “wheeeeee!” 7-y-o T says, grumpily: “It’s not very whee to me!” He later tells me: “I’m … Continue reading

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Two things from my just-barely-7-year-old

1. He walks into the kitchen the other day and asks me “What concoction are you creating now?” 2. Talking about his LEGO set, he calls it a “TIE Fighter Igvanced” (not Advanced)

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So *this* is how he protects himself…

As I was waking T (who is now 7yo) this morning, I went to tickle him, and he responded thusly: “I’ve got PENIS defenses!” -T

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Presidents of the United States, according to a six-year-old

T, talking about a ruler that lists and shows pictures of all the presidents: “The president at the very end of that ruler is Aquabomba. The very first one is Washington. And the twelfth one, or the thirteenth one I … Continue reading

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Making plans for all eventualities…

T, thoughtfully: If I was an animal that swam, my style would be ambush and then chase.

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