A ten-year-old’s view of diplomacy

Or, has he been playing too much “Civilization”?

“Do you like that guy? If you don’t, then attack his city.”

“Try and attack him, and then make peace with him and try and get technology, okay?”

Think he’ll remember this 20 years from now, when it really matters?

Me, to 6-y-o T: T, you’re very cold
T, to me: Well, that’s how life is. No one can have anyone else as they exactly want them.

It’s good to know I’m useful for SOMETHING.

Me to 6-y-o T: T, go play outside.
T, about his brother: N doesn’t want to.
DH to T: What if you didn’t have a brother? Would you never go outside?
T to DH, in his typical non-sequitur way of arguing: What if you didn’t have a wife?
DH: Then you wouldn’t be here.
T: And you wouldn’t have a house, or at least not as much of a house.

It’s important to be precise.

N, to DH: You’re the best daddy in the whole world. No, you’re not the best daddy in the whole world, but you’re a good dad, and I love you. And I don’t know if I’ve ever said thanks before now, but thanks for all you’ve done for me.

Elaborating the next day: You’re the nicest father in this house that’s from this family. And also the only one. Until, or if, that is, Grandpa Rod decides to come down here to visit.