Advance planning…

T informs me: I’m going to think up a way to go snow-diving. Put skis on your shoes, and then you can lay down on your shoes and go diving down the mountain. Wouldn’t that be silly? It’s only going to be dangerous; we’d need to wear a helmet.
Me, a bit later, after he tells me he and N are going to go skydiving when he’s 18 and “N will be strapped to me!”: I won’t let you do that.
T: NO! When I’m 18 I’ll do that!

Somehow 18 is the magic age at which I will no longer have any control. Who knew? (Actually, from what I hear about the teenage years, I’ll be lucky to have any control long before then, but hey…)

My husband’s comment: “forget sports like basketball and baseball. T is going to snowboard, ski, skateboard and mountain bike.” I fear that he’s right….

Live long and prosper?

Okay, maybe not. But T’s so accustomed to telling people to “Drive safely” when they’re heading out, that he decided there had to be an analogue for when he’s leaving and they’re staying. So he now wishes people a hearty “Live safely!” as he’s heading out the door.

He just went out to play in the backyard, with “live safely” ringing behind as he shut the sliding door. When he’s not driving me absolutely nuts, as when he woke up at 4 am and didn’t go back to sleep this morning, he’s completely adorable and very, very funny.

Sugar and spice and all things nice.

T: Mama, the only sweet thing I like is eggnog, ice cream, dried bananas, dried apples, dried peaches, and granola. Mama, those are the only sweet things I like.
Me: What about candy?
T: I also like candy. And popsicles.
Me: What about cakes?
T: Yeah. And I also — Mama, you know what Grandma and Grandpa packed for my present? A harp!

(nb: the present was from last Christmas; why it came to mind at this particular moment I have absolutely no idea.)

Are you brave?

4-y-o T:  You’re not as brave as Papa.

Me:  I’m not?

T: No.  You don’t take pictures.

Me:  I take pictures!

T:  But you don’t take as many.

(who knew photography required bravery?)

7-y-o N joins in:  ARE you brave, Mama?

Me: yes.

N:  What brave things have you done in your life?

Me:  I had children.  That’s about as brave as it gets.

N:  That’s not brave.  Brave is like rescuing people from a burning building.  What have you done that’s BRAVE?

Me:  I caught a rattlesnake.

N: Saving people from burning buildings and trapping rattlesnakes are the most important things in the world.

7-year-old jokes.

Well, a seven-year-old’s jokes; the jokes themselves are newly minted.

N: Why did the hotdog cross his diet?

Me: Uh, I don’t know. Why?

N: Because somebody had turned it into a hotdog-eating human and so it ate itself because it had been a hotdog!


N: Pretty good joke, huh? I told the punchline!