At Mesa Verde…

(We went camping last week, the boys and I, leaving their Papa home to work…)

Driving up the windy windy roads, 10-y-o N says “wheeeeee!”

7-y-o T says, grumpily: “It’s not very whee to me!”

He later tells me: “I’m a little frightened by roads like that.” Poor kid. The trip was wonderful, though. We were there with a friend whose daughters are about my boys’ age, and the kids got along wonderfully. All kids got their junior ranger badges, they all played spy and princess/warrior, and it was just a marvelous experience for them. And their papa did end up getting a lot of work done after all, which is a good thing. Or so he claims.

Two things from my just-barely-7-year-old

1. He walks into the kitchen the other day and asks me “What concoction are you creating now?”

2. Talking about his LEGO set, he calls it a “TIE Fighter Igvanced” (not Advanced)

So *this* is how he protects himself…

As I was waking T (who is now 7yo) this morning, I went to tickle him, and he responded thusly:

“I’ve got PENIS defenses!”