From N, May 2005

(He was 6.5; Peter just found this quote written on an ooooold receipt and I figured I’d write it down so we might actually remember it.)

“But mama, everybody knows how to swim because they swam in their mommies!”

I don’t think that’s what they go to school to learn, no.

So I’m singing the TMBG song “I am a paleontologist” while making breakfast, and T comes over and says: “I am a meteorologist.”
Me: “What’s a meteorologist study?” (We’d had a conversation a few days ago about how meteorologists don’t study meteors, but study weather instead…)
T: “Things that fall from the sky.”
Me: “Like?”

Contemplating dinner while camping at Grand Tetons

T: “I wouldn’t kill animals, because then there’d be nothing left to eat!”

Good to know…

T, explaining the difference between our body types: “You’re softer because you have more layers of flesh and blood than I do.”

N, schooling me.

10-y-o N: Did you ever consider *not* being sarcastic? It might be funny to you, but how do you think it feels to everybody else?

At Mesa Verde…

(We went camping last week, the boys and I, leaving their Papa home to work…)

Driving up the windy windy roads, 10-y-o N says “wheeeeee!”

7-y-o T says, grumpily: “It’s not very whee to me!”

He later tells me: “I’m a little frightened by roads like that.” Poor kid. The trip was wonderful, though. We were there with a friend whose daughters are about my boys’ age, and the kids got along wonderfully. All kids got their junior ranger badges, they all played spy and princess/warrior, and it was just a marvelous experience for them. And their papa did end up getting a lot of work done after all, which is a good thing. Or so he claims.

Two things from my just-barely-7-year-old

1. He walks into the kitchen the other day and asks me “What concoction are you creating now?”

2. Talking about his LEGO set, he calls it a “TIE Fighter Igvanced” (not Advanced)

So *this* is how he protects himself…

As I was waking T (who is now 7yo) this morning, I went to tickle him, and he responded thusly:

“I’ve got PENIS defenses!”


Presidents of the United States, according to a six-year-old

T, talking about a ruler that lists and shows pictures of all the presidents: “The president at the very end of that ruler is Aquabomba. The very first one is Washington. And the twelfth one, or the thirteenth one I believe, is Lincoln.”

Me: “Barack Obama.”

T: “Yeah, Aqua Bomba. Barack Obama. And the first one, George Washington. And the thirteenth one, Lincoln.”

Making plans for all eventualities…

T, thoughtfully: If I was an animal that swam, my style would be ambush and then chase.

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