It’s good to know I’m useful for SOMETHING.

Me to 6-y-o T: T, go play outside.
T, about his brother: N doesn’t want to.
DH to T: What if you didn’t have a brother? Would you never go outside?
T to DH, in his typical non-sequitur way of arguing: What if you didn’t have a wife?
DH: Then you wouldn’t be here.
T: And you wouldn’t have a house, or at least not as much of a house.

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Off-the-grid living, homeschooling mom with a predilection for <a href="">organic fabrics</a>, cooking from scratch, and natural living. I share my 40-acre paradise with one husband, two sons, one dog, 20-some chickens, and some ridiculous number of rabbits, rats, mice, and rattlesnakes.
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