A nascent interest in fashion?

Getting ready for the farmer’s market, I pull out my clothes. T, 5 years old, looks at me and excitedly says, “Are you going to wear a skirt?”

“Yes, why?” I say, somewhat afraid that he will come out with a chauvinist answer like “because women are supposed to wear skirts” which will precipitate a discussion that will end up with us being late for the farmer’s market and me being grumpy all day long.

” I like skirts,” he says. “Lego guys can wear skirts.”

Discussion averted, we’re off to the farmer’s market.

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Off-the-grid living, homeschooling mom with a predilection for <a href="www.NearSeaNaturals.com/">organic fabrics</a>, cooking from scratch, and natural living. I share my 40-acre paradise with one husband, two sons, one dog, 20-some chickens, and some ridiculous number of rabbits, rats, mice, and rattlesnakes.
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